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12 Korolya Street, Minsk

The hostel of the International Relations Center (Belarus Ministry of Education) is a four-floor building that belongs to the Ministry of Education and it is the best option for a budget traveler in Minsk. All its rooms are well-appointed (beds, bathtubs or shower cabins, TV sets and refrigerators in every room) and come at a very good price, those without overhaul cost less. Bathrooms are appointed with shower cabins and in more expensive options – bathtubs.


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Hostel rooms:
Single economy
Twin economy
Double superior
Semi-deluxe economy
Deluxe economy
Single renovated
Twin renovated
Double renovated superior
Hostel facilities:
Parking lot


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Room service
Security service 

Other information

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The establishment has no official website. Please contact the reception +375 17 2008919 to check the availability of the rooms and make a booking. Note, that the hostel receptionists do not speak English and might be reluctant to talk (but generally they are friendly chaps).

My mobile: +37529 3846689


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